Long Island New York Rainy Day Engagement Session

Long Island, New York: Rainy Day Pizzeria Engagement Session with Melisa and John!

Bay Shore, New York Rainy Day Pizza Shop Engagement Session
Melisa and John own La Casa Pizzeria in Bay Shore, New York, one of the towns on Long Island. We started off their photo session at the pizza shop, to get some different photos that would be relevant to the couple!
Long Island New York Pizza Shop Engagement Session
John started off throwing around some pizza dough to make a pizza. Melisa was impressed by how it is done and tried to do it herself… she wasn’t too bad for a first time dough slinger. After we severely mutilated a piece of dough, John made a pizza crust for us the correct way so they could put the sauce and cheese on the pie.
Bay Shore, Long Island Pizza Shop Engagement Session
Melisa and John put some sauce on the dough and then decorated it with cheese and pepperoni. We didn’t actually bake it because the store was set to open soon, but I am sure it would have been delicious. They wore their chef hats for a photo at La Casa Pizzeria before getting changed into fancier clothes!
Long Island New York Pizzeria Engagement Session
Melisa and John took a few quick photos in the dining room at La Casa befre we went out into the rain. These guys are quite easy to photograph, they interact so well together!
Rainy Day Engagement Session with cherry blossoms
Early Spring might mean some rain in the forecast, but there’s usually some bright colors to be found! This is actually in front of the McDonald’s parking lot! I brought along this bubble umbrella to keep the couple dry as we hung out in the rain on Long Island.
Brookwood Hall Park Rainy Engagement Session
We drove to Brookwood Hall Park in Islip, New York, just a few minutes away from the Pizzeria, and took a few photos by the white columns at the entrance to the Brookwood Hall Art Museum. Melisa changed into rain boots and we did a lot of putting on and taking off of the rain coats, but no one complained, because we were having fun!
Rainy Day Engagement Session black and white photos
It wasn’t raining too hard so the umbrella kept them pretty dry! It also made it fun to show off the springtime weather!
Long Island New York Rainy Day Engagement Session
Melisa and John stood on a little pier in the lake at Brookwood Hall Park. They had an umbrella and rain jackets and rain boots to keep them dry, but there were definitely some geese who thought we shouldn’t be there.
Long Island Rainy Day Umbrella Engagement Session
I love this series of Melisa and John on the park bench! You can just see the falling raindrops and the clear umbrella is almost like a little privacy bubble.
Long Island, New York Springtime Engagement Session
The rain let up a bit so we took a few photos without the umbrella. the green leaves are everywhere, and all the flowers are starting to bloom. I love Spring time!!
Spring Engagement Session on Long Island
Even though the colors were so vibrant and beautiful, I still love these black and whites from the shoot, too!
Islip, New York Rainy Day Engagement Session
I loved photographing this session and can’t wait until the wedding in June! Thank you for choosing me to document your big day, Melisa and John!!!